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Carbon Footprint


In an effort to help the construction industry obtain more accurate, representative and realistic carbon footprinting data, British Precast Architectural and Structural has published detailed carbon footprinting factsheets covering brick-faced and reconstituted Portland stone architectural precast cladding, with a third to follow shortly covering precast reinforced structural concrete. These will then be followed by Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) in accordance with EN 15804 for architectural and structural concrete.


In 2013, the Green Construction Board published its first Carbon Routemap for the industry detailing efforts, measures, benchmarks and industry targets to reduce both Capital and Operational carbon. However, as Capital carbon makes the bulk of carbon emissions directly under the control of the industry, it is important that any effort to address this part of the industry’s footprint is supported by accurate, representative and up-to-date carbon footprinting data. There is currently a major concern with the suitability and robustness of construction products carbon footprinting data being used by the industry as much of these are based on generic and out-of-date data using methodologies that may no longer be relevant to the construction industry. This has led BPAS to produce detailed carbon footprinting factsheets which will then be replaced by Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) covering architectural and structural precast concrete products:


- The Carbon Footprint of non-loadbearing single leaf brick-faced precast cladding

- The Carbon Footprint of non-loadbearing single leaf reconstructed Portland stone cladding

- The Carbon Footprint of reinforced structural precast concrete



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