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One recent project for Ebor Concrete was a 62m long firewall for the on-shore substation at Salt End for Hull’s Westermost Rough Offshore Windfarm. This consists of 18 precast columns 800 × 800mm in section and 12.5m long along with 187 precast panels 3.6m long and 240mm thick. Designed by Kelvin Energy for client Dong Energy, the walls were manufactured at Ebor’s Ripon works in the summer of 2013. The columns, each weighing just under 20 tonnes, were embedded about 1.7m into pockets in the in-situ foundation beam, leaving an overall wall height of 10.8m. All 18 columns were erected in the space of five working days and the panels installed over a seven-day period by slotting between rebates in the internal faces of the columns.









The Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm – the first in the world to use the 6MW turbine on a large scale – is one of the Round 2 projects and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dong Energy. The site is 8km off the Yorkshire Coast, north of Hull, and will contain 35 turbines of 6MW capacity, covering a total area of 35km2 and predicted to provide enough electricity to power around 200,000 homes. The project will help to fulfil the UK’s commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and will contribute towards achieving its targets of electricity generation from renewable energy schemes.

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The company also carried out a similar job at West of Duddon Sands near Heysham in Lancashire for the same client. This was also an on-shore substation for an off-shore wind farm. The job included a section of firewall similar to that supplied to Westernmost Rough but smaller in size. Primarily, however, the contract was for retaining walls up to 5.5m high which allowed the client to form a bund around the site to act as an environmental barrier keeping the substation out of sight of the local residents.



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