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At Littlehaven, the £3m redevelopment scheme required the supply and installation of precast artwork and bench units to the promenade. Once assembled, the units created an ‘eye’ feature 6.5m wide and 3.05m high, a ‘sail’ 1,2m wide and 4.7m high, and a bowed wall consisting of seven sections each 5m wide. The eye feature and the bowed wall were installed using a 250-tonne mobile crane from the main seafront road. In addition, 15 benches were supplied. Also in the north, the company was commissioned to produce over 1000 bespoke precast wall units to form a new flood defence scheme for Phase 2 of the River Mersey scheme, with some walls incorporating artwork features designed by local schoolchildren. A range of finishing techniques were used including exposed aggregate and acid etching.


At the same time, the company was involved in upgrading work at Cheltenham Racecourse. Unusually, this called for a hybid structure using steel and precast concrete. The result is a crescent walkway and horse walk bridge, forming a highly impressive parade ring viewing area, along with precast concrete balcony walkways and grandstand terracing. Each slab to the deck slabs and horse walk bridge weighed 21 tonnes. These were in addition to the 8m×2m balcony walkway units, each 325mm-thick and weighing 12.7 tonnes.


Two London projects complete this round-up. The Nova project in Buckingham Palace Road called for the design, supply and installation of 1200 units in a Spanish dolomite mix to form the building facade consisting of cladding fins, spandrels and balconies. Each balcony is made up of five individual units that are structurally connected on site. The fin panels were unitised with the curtain walling system in the factory before delivery to the congested site.


Finally, at 10 Finsbury Square, over 350 reconstructed stone panels were produced and installed including 6m curved panels, both concave and convex, with radii of 20m and 40m for the east façade as well as GRC column cladding for the structural steel columns for the west elevation.



Particular challenges that had to be overcome included:

From its 11-acre North Derbyshire site close to the M1, Evans Concrete has been busily involved in supplying a diverse range of projects from Littlehaven, South Tyneside to London.


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  • Meeting the exacting design specification required by the architect in terms of colour and texture. This required a special mix of limestone aggregate, Mercaston sand and white cement with a grit-blasted exposed aggregate finish.
  • Attaining the required quality standards, with each unit approved by the architect before shipping to site.
  • Achieving exacting insulation, fire-stopping and acoustic specifications with the help of a specialist testing facility at Leighton Buzzard for performance testing. The building achieved a BREEAM excellent rating and met the required thermal, fire and acoustic performances.
  • Developing a fixing solution for the panels to enable their positions to be finely adjusted once in place.
  • Creating a complex fixing system for the soffits to enable units to be attached to the floor slabs.
  • Overcoming difficult access issues due to the location of the building.




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