When the brain changes, we change. When it is struck by a tumour, an injury or a disease, the consequences can be devastating. We fund research to advance understanding of the changes that take place in the brain, and how these can be overcome.

Current research funding

Our funding is currently focused on three priority research areas: brain tumours, brain and spinal cord injury, and headache and facial pain. These are areas where there is a large unmet patient need that is not reflected in current funding levels. By concentrating our efforts on these three areas, we can have a more significant impact.

Our research grants are awarded through national, openly advertised funding schemes and follow a rigorous peer review process. We offer two types of grant: project grants and PhD studentships.

In addition, we make a small number of awards via restricted endowment funds that are ring-fenced for research at UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology.

You can find our full research strategy here.

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