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British Precast Architectural and Structural News, our new publication is now available to download. Our members have developed and been involved in a number of projects which are showcased in detail in the latest newsletter.


ASPA publishes carbon footprinting factsheets for architectural cladding products.


In an effort to help the construction industry obtain more accurate, representative and realistic carbon footprinting data, ASPA has published detailed carbon footprinting factsheets covering brick-faced and reconstructed Portland stone architectural precast cladding, with a third to follow shortly covering precast reinforced structural concrete. These will then be followed by Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) in accordance with EN 15804 for architectural and structural concrete.



ACA and SPA become ASPA


The Architectural Cladding Association (ACA) and the Structural Precast Association (SPA) merged in 2014 to become the new Architectural & Structural Precast Association (ASPA). As a product association of British Precast, ASPA will continue to raise the profile of the industry and of its members who produce architectural and structural precast concrete whilst providing technical information, advice and support to members and users.



Best Practice Awards


ASPA members featured highly in the prestigious British Precast Best Practice Awards 2014 with Decomo winning the Project Award for The Forum, Southend on Sea.  Sterling Services, Evans Concrete Products and Cornish Concrete Products were also shortlisted. ASPA members can be entered for the 2015 Awards: closing date for submission is 13 February 2015. More details here.



Case Studies


ASPA members have developed and been involved in a number of interesting projects. Click here to find out more.



Press archive from ACA and SPA

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