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Architects Journal

This issue offers an exclusive on one of London 2012 Olympics Athletes' Village outstanding projects: A 10 storey building featuring a precast concrete cladding system replicating the Parthenon's Elgin Marbles (3rd February 2011).



Precast Staircases at Kendrew Quadrangle, Oxford

This interesting case study demonstrates one of Decomo's latest projects with Price and Meyers at a new Oxford college quadrangle. Courtesy of Concrete Magazine (April 2010).



A Most Acceptable Face

This article looks at how 21st Century agenda, from advanced tools of data communication to increased sustainability requirements, have changed the face of the industry and how architectural precast is proving to be a versatile option that can help meet the challenges of today. Courtesy of Refurb Magazine (25th September 2010).



The Sustainable Face of Construction

This article demonstrates the Sustainability case for the use of architectural cladding. It makes reference to four recent case studies where different sustainability principles were adhered to by using different forms of architectural cladding. Courtesy of Concrete Magazine (December 2010 issue).



Structural Engineer

 ACA members have designs on construction (4th December 2007).




Structurally Insulated Concrete Panels - Precast Plus  (November 2007).




(Autumn 2007).




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